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Advanced Roofing Ottawa

Advanced roofing in Ottawa roofs are one of the most fundamental parts of a home. A well-installed healthy roof not only protects your home from the elements but also saves energy and increases the value of your home. With a good roofing system, your home has proper insulation and ventilation, ensuring your cooling and heating bills are always lower. Advanced roofing Ottawa enhances the comfort in your home while saving money.

Here are reasons why you need advanced roofing Ottawa:

Advanced Roofing Ottawa | Fully Insured

Our roofing services are fully insured to ensure your investment is protected. With two million in liability coverage, you can rest easy that your investment is in good hands. In the event of any mishaps, we are fully equipped to handle the situation without the need to further dip into your pocket.

Advanced Roofing Ottawa | Specialized in lifetime asphalt shingles

We specialize in the use of fiberglass shingles dipped in asphalt to offer you significant advantages over asphalt core shingles. Some of the remarkable advantages of fiberglass laminate shingles include:

  • Cost-effective: Although they cost more during the initial investment, their durability proves they are a lot cheaper in the long haul. They do not need regular replacement or repair as they are strong and sturdy.
  • Improved design and customization: These shingles allow for more variations of multidimensional design. They can be easily customized to make your home uniquely stand out. Even without original slate roofing, these shingles can be used to imitate cedar or slate roofing.
  • Durability: Since fiberglass shingles are layered with asphalt, they are more durable and last long. They hold up better against weather elements.

Advanced Roofing Ottawa | 24/7 emergency services

We understand how sudden and challenging roofing emergencies can be and, as a result, offer a 24/7 hour emergency roofing service. Our fast response time ensures we can protect both your loved ones and your investment at your hour of need.

Fully trained and certified professionals

All our experts undergo superior training regularly to ensure they are up to date on new roofing technologies and techniques. They are detail-oriented with a range of roofing capabilities to ensure all your advanced roofing Ottawa needs are met. Our roofing professionals are fully certified by Working At Heights and Whmis and practice safety protocols.

Guaranteed workmanship

Vertical Limit Roofing prides itself on its workmanship guarantee that protects you from any mistakes during installation. In today’s market, our 15-year workmanship guarantee, among many others, is the longest and most extensive coverage you can get. Under this guarantee, the select roof installations are certified and inspected by third parties to ensure you enjoy peace of mind. We also offer a variety of multiple workmanship warranty levels to suit your needs.

Exemplary customer service

We aim to not only meet your customer needs and to exceed your expectations. At our advanced roofing Ottawa company, the customer is not just another statistic but a priority. We employ state-of-the-art software to offer our clients a more visual and accurate estimate of the finished product to ensure ultimate satisfaction.

At Vertical Limit Roofing, we are the premier roofing company in Ottawa. Our roofing professionals are highly qualified and utilize the highest quality material to ensure your roofing needs are met. We pride ourselves on our exemplary level of customer care and integrity. Get in touch with us today for more information about our services.