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5 Roofing Problems That You Need To Know As Homeowners

As a homeowner, you need to take care of your roofing system. This is because the roof is an important part of your home which protects you and your family from many dangerous elements. So, it is essential to install a roof properly and maintain it frequently.


Roof inspections, along with repairs and maintenance, should be left to a professional roofer. However, it would help if you were alert in identifying issues to ensure your roofer knows about the issues as soon as they arise. Here are some of the common roof issues homeowners faces.

Roofing problem # 1 – Leaks

One of the most common and essential roof issues many homeowners face is leakage. Look for the places around your roof where water can collect. This is because standing water will eventually allow moisture to soak into the house and lead to mold and rot that weakens your property’s integrity structure. Professionals from roofing companies in Ottawa check the following places where leaks usually occur, including around your vents, pipes, and chimneys, around damaged shingles and gutters, and immediate flashpoints.

Roofing problem # 2 – Shrinking materials

Temperature fluctuations can cause expanded and contracted structure. It can displace your roof’s essential components, leading cracking, wrapping, and breakdown materials. Cracked and wrapped roofing materials could diminish your home’s energy efficiency. When you hire an expert from reputable roofing companies in Ottawa, they will choose the right materials, so that you don’t have to face any unexpected roofing problems in the future.

Roofing problem # 3 – Damaged shingles

When it comes to thinking about damaged roof shingles’ culprit, dead, diseased or dying tree around your property comes in mind first. Not only a long tree but also small branches can damage shingles. If you notice some raised roofing shingles on your property, contact an experienced roofer to screw them back onto the roof. Delaying in repairing your roof means more water damage that will cause the underlying materials and even can ultimately infiltrate your house.

Roofing problem # 4 – Poor or Faulty Installation

Like poor repair work, many professional roofing contractors – who are not qualified for the roofing industry – may see the opportunity to make some quick money. Poor or faulty installation can take years to detect problems, but once it starts to cause issues, it will be too late for a quick fix. So, it is essential to hire a reputable roofing company for roof repair in Ottawa.

Roofing problem # 5 – Ventilation

When it comes to making roof last, roof and attic ventilation play a vital role. Proper ventilation regulates temperature and moisture levels in the attic. If left unattended, heat and moisture can build up, causing damage to the sheathing, shingles, insulation, and rising energy costs. It also leads to ugly mold and mildew issues that can decrease your property’s market value.

Make sure you always look out for the common roof repair problems mentioned above. Preventive maintenance can hold defects before turning into a significant issue that will require extensive repairs. It will save you from shoddy repairs that can lead to unexpected damages. Apart from this, you can hire an experienced roofer for roof repair in Ottawa.

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