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Choosing the Best Roofing Material for Your Home

Roofing your house can be quite an overwhelming and exciting task. While choosing a new roof material for your home, you should consider the most important factors like longevity, cost, durability, energy efficiency, and sustainability of the materials. While choosing the correct material is incredibly important, the correct installation plays an important role in your safety and looks of the roof once the installation is finished. Although, experimenting with DIY projects can be fun and cost-effective, don’t try roofing on your own unless you have hands-on experience in roofing. It’s better to hire Local Roofing Contractors to get the job done by professionals.

Local Roofing Contractors

Wooden shingles and shakes:

In general, A Quality Roofing in Ottawa lasts around 30-40 years. It is true that wooden shingles and shakes lasts longer than asphalt shingles, they are not that durable. Although they are fire-resistant and made up of fire-resistant wood, they are not fireproof and can be hazardous for you. Wood shingles and shakes are also prone to cracking, so keeps your eye out for a manufacturer with a good hail rating. Since they’re 100% natural and wood is a natural insulator—wood shingles are times more efficient as compared to asphalt shingles. 


Metal rooftops are impact resistant and will work well for you even in severe climate. Additionally; they need significantly less maintenance as compared to the most roofing materials. They are very energy efficient—while asphalt shingles will in general drift around the outside temperature (regardless of whether high or low), metal rooftops also act as a natural insulator. This keeps your home cooler during warm climate and hotter during colder weather. Also, most metal roofs are made up of recycled materials; many are also 100% recyclable.

Plastic polymer:

If done correctly by a Local Roofing Companies, plastic polymer roofs will last for 50+ years. The plastic polymer material is known as an incredibly durable roofing material. Polymer roofing shingles are designed to resemble slate or wood shingles; however, they require very less maintenance than other roofing materials.


When it comes to durability and safety, slate material stands away from the crowd. This material is both fireproof and virtually invincible even in the toughest weather. Note that installation should be carefully executed by Local Roofing Contractors as the slate tiles might get cracked under the weight of the average individual. Also, Slate is one of the most expensive materials as it will last for a century, and if properly constructed more than 150 years.

Solar glass:

In general, solar glass roofing incredibly last for the entire lifetime of your home. Although it’s fairly expensive to install, you may qualify for a tax credit to offset the cost, depending on where you live. Despite the fact that it’s genuinely costly to install, you may meet all requirements for a tax credit to balance the expense, contingent upon where you live. In case you are also looking for A Quality Roofing in Ottawa then contact vertical limit roofing. We hold 20 years of expertise in the roofing industry. For more information, contact us at 613-818-3576 or write to us at info@verticallimitroofing.com.