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Common Roofing Problems You Should Know About

Winters bring with it the wind storms, ice dams, snowfall, and other such harsh weather elements that can cause premature wear and tear of your roof. In addition to winters, heavy rainfall can also cause unnecessary debris buildup on your roof. The ice dams, debris, leaves, and other such waste collection on your roof can hinder the roof draining process. It is essential to note that roof problems can turn out to be super expensive and its repairing and replacement can cost you hundreds of dollars.

There’s no doubt that roof problems are likely to arise in the winters and unfavorable climates but the good news is you can save hundreds of dollars by inspecting the issue before it gets extreme.  Here are some common roofing problems that the homeowners should know about.

  • Damaged Flashing

Flashing is one of the important parts of the roof. It can be defined as thin metals that are specifically created to prevent excess water from seeping through the shingles. Before the shingles are set up on the roof, flashing is installed near the skylights as well as the edges of the roof. As flashing keeps the shingles from water, even minor damage in the same can cause a serious leakage. Flashing is most likely damaged due to the unfavorable and harsh weather elements such as ice dams, heavy rainfall, storms, and excess debris. The damage will cause water to seep through the shingles and heavy leakage in your home. Hence, you should check the flashing of your roof every now and then.

Note that flashing can also damage due to improper installation. It is therefore advisable to compare different roofing companies in Ottawa and choose the reliable roofing service providers to get proper flashing installation services.

  • Rotting

Another serious problem that can deteriorate your roof is rotting. It happens when the moisture gets into the interior of the shingles and causes leakage. If remained unchecked for long, rot can spread rapidly to all the shingles and may damage the entire roofing of your premises.

  • Ceiling Spots

Do you observe unusual marks on the ceiling of your building? Well, these can be the ceiling spots. Ceiling marks are one of the most common signs of the leakage of moisture in your home through the roof. Ceiling roof requires immediate professional inspection and repairing work. If you neglect the ceiling spots, moisture may continue to build up on your roof and it may cause additional damage to your roof and ceiling. Make sure that ceiling spots can make your roof to collapse if they aren’t repaired.

  • Curling

Shingles tend to curl because of improper ventilation and high nails. The curled shingles are unsightly and can lead to unnecessary leakages. Hence, inspect your roof to detect curled shingles.

These are some common roofing problems that must be addressed as early as possible. Why wait? Hire Roof Repair Services in Ottawa to get your roof inspected, repaired, and replaced. Good Luck!