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Know The Benefits Of Re-Roofing For Your Home and Business

Proper monitoring of your roof is important to keep your house in good condition. Timely inspection of your roof could save you from many such unseen dangers. A roof withstands strong weather pressure and hence gradual wear and tear is a very much normal affair. If your roof is showing signs of aging, one convenient way you can improve its aesthetic appeal is through re-roofing.

The concept of re-roofing

Re-roofing in the first instance might look like making changes in your old roof but in reality, this is a much elaborate process. It involves putting a fresh layer of shingles over the old ones.

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If you are contacting roofing companies in Ottawa area you should know the benefits you could get from this. 

  • It provides strength to the roof

Adjusting another layer of shingles means giving dual support to the roof as you cannot overlook the damage caused by repeated storms. It will also cut down your occasional roof repairing necessities.

  • Roof makeover

Certain shingles become faded over time and reflect a dirty look. Adding a fresh sheet not only help to fortify the roof but also give a great makeover. It helps your old roof to regain its strength and also grace the overall look of your home.

  • Easy and fast installation

Re-roofing is defined as comparatively easy as it does not require removing the old layer of shingles. Though it involves several steps, the process of re-roofing is quicker and affordable.

  • Less expensive option

Since re-roofing requires less time to complete, the cost involve with this never goes higher, unlike roof replacement. You can enjoy a fresh looking roof at a comfortable budget.

How to know whether re-roofing is the right solution for your roof?

However, re-roofing may not be a perfect solution for every roof. The right treatment to your roof can only be decided by a professional roofing expert. For a roof which sustains severe damage from hailstorm, re-roofing may only be a temporary remedy. So professional intervention is a must needed to see what will be the perfect remedy to your roof problem. However, it is an apt solution for not so serious roof issues that homeowners often face during a lifetime.

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Know about some common signs that your roof needs re-roofing before you call a professional for inspection.

When you see water droplets leaking from your ceiling

Slight amount of water droplets leaking from the ceilings is normal when there is a heavy downpour. However, if you notice this problem every now and then it is a warning sign that your roof is becoming weak. You can check the leak all by yourself and then contact a roofing expert to fix it without any delay. Quality roofing professionals give a free inspection to your roof and offer estimates on necessary repairs.

A decrease in granules

Granules are a type of mineral that is adjusted in your roof to protect it from overexposure to the sun and fire. Excessive exposure to sun could lead to serious damage to the roof. When you see several dark colors appearing unevenly in selected parts of your roof this is a sign of roof damage.

The appearance of mold and mildew on your walls and ceilings

Mildew is a type of fungal concentration seen in the walls when your roof is damaged. However, sometimes it could be a plumbing issue also. But if you find out this is something not caused by plumbing irregularities then it is a sure sign of roof leakage.

Concluding opinions

Under normal conditions, experts ask you to get your roof inspection done in every three or four months but after harsh weather, it should be inspected minimum once or twice in a year. As part of the inspection process, the roofing professional will come to have a thorough inspection of your roof and will update you about its condition. Based on his observation and suggestions, you can choose the remedies. If he advises you about re-roofing, you should go for it. Many of the homeowners are not aware of early repairing of roof. It could save you from expensive roof repairing options later on.

You can find a local professional to check whether your roof needs re-roofing or a complete replacement. Upon request, he will come to check your roof and will give you suggestions on that. It is better to go for local roofing companies as they have good knowledge about the weather and can give the most suitable treatment to your roof problem.