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Signs that You Need a New Roof

Regular maintenance of the house is important for its longevity and thus your house requires repairs and fixes from time to time. Inspecting your property on a regular basis and fixing its issues, whenever required can go a long way in keeping your house well-maintained. One of the major concerns for house owners is roof-repairing. There are numerous companies that offer affordable roofing in Ottawa, so invest some time in doing the research and then choose the best one as per your requirement. But, how can you know that your roof requires repair? Here are some things that indicate that your roof needs immediate fixing.

Here we have jotted down some signs that show you need a new roof. Have a look at these!

Damaged Shingles

Look at the surface of your roof. Do you observe any cracked or curled shingles? You may notice some shingles in some area. These are indications that show that your roof is at risk and you need to replace it as soon as possible. In order to confirm, check in your gutters if you see any shingle granules, it simply implies, the roof is losing its weatherproofing ability.

Sunlight Entering Inside Your Attic

Majority of homeowners overlook the attic, forgetting that it is also a part of their house. Check the attic area to notice any signs of roof break-down. Light must not enter inside your roof, and in case, you observe light coming inside then it’s a sign that there are cracks in your roof. These cracks can lead to pest infestation and water leakage, eventually weakening the roof and making it fall.


A leaking roof is also a major signal that it needs repair or replacement. Water leakage inside the house can give way to moisture, which can later on result in damp walls and many other issues.

Vertical Limit Roofing is an ideal choice if you want professional services of residential roofing in Ottawa as we boast of a team of experienced professionals who can install and repair the roof with minimal efforts.

Sagging Roof Lines

A sagging roof is an indication that it can collapse anytime. You need to consult a professional immediately as this issue requires immediate resolution. This issue generally takes place when your roof is too old.

Stained Exterior Walls

If you are able to observe water stains on the walls, then it’s an indication that your roof’s condition is not good. If neglected it can result in structural damage as well as other severe issues like mold formation, which can be quite harmful for your health.

If the stains are extensive, then the only solution is to replace the roof with a new one. Get in touch with Vertical Limit Roofing if you are looking for affordable roofing option in Ottawa. With high level of expertise and hands-on experience, we can repair or replace your roof in the least possible time-frame and within your budget.