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Signs that You Need a New Roof

How often people look at their roof? Majority of people don’t pay much attention to their home’s roof, which can cost them a lot later on in either replacing or repairing it. Roofs won’t last for a longer period of time! We forget the fact that damaged roof is dangerous for us as well our family members since it can affect the foundation of our home.

If you inspect it on a daily basis and fix its issues whenever required, then it can save you enough money in repairing these. There are numerous companies that offer affordable roofing in Ottawa, so invest some time in doing research and then choose the best one.

Here we have jotted down some signs that show you need a new roof. Have a look at these!

Damaged shingles

Look at the surface of your roof. Did you observe any cracked or curled shingles? Might be in some areas you won’t notice any shingles. All such indications show that your roof is at risk and you need to replace it as soon as possible.

In order to confirm, check in your gutters if you see any shingle granules, it simply implies, the roofing material is losing its weatherproofing ability.

Sunlight entering inside your attic

Majority of homeowners overlook to pay attention to the attic areas, they consider it as not a part of their home. Check the area of an attic in order to identify the indications of roof breakdown.

Light must not enter inside your roof, and in case, if you observe light inside your attic then it’s a sign that your shingles might be missing. Yet some cracks are harmful to your roof as it can result in pest infestation as well as water damage issues.


A leaking roof is also a major signal that arises the need of replacing a roof. Leaking inside the house can create moisture inside it which can, later on, result in severe issues.

It’s better to check your attic area as it can help you in spotting such signs much easier.

Vertical Limit Roofing is an ideal choice if you want the services of residential roofing in Ottawa as they boast a team of experienced professionals who can install and repair the roof with minimal efforts.

Sagging roof lines

A sagging roof is an indication that your house roof can collapse anytime. You need to consult a professional immediately as you can’t take this issue lightly, otherwise, it can cause danger to your life too.

This issue generally takes place when your roof is too old.

Aging roof

Numerous materials are utilized for building roofs so there’s no chance of long-lasting roofs. Your roof’s age will help you in determining what kind of materials was utilized, how it was built and so on.

It also relies on whether a home has single or many shingle layers, as if it is made of many shingle layers and is more than 20 years old, then you need to replace it.

Stained exterior walls

If you observe water stains on the walls, then it’s an indication that your roof’s condition is not good. This is neglected, can result in structural damage as well as other severe issues like mold formation, which is harmful to your health.

In case, if stains are extensive, then the only solution is to replace the roof with a new one. Get in touch with Vertical Limit Roofing, if you are looking for affordable roofing in Ottawa as here you can find high-quality roofing at affordable prices.