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The Dangers Of Delay Commercial Roof Repair Or Replacement In Ottawa

When it comes to commercial building improvement, your roof may be the last thing you think. However, your roof is the first line of defense against the elements as it keeps your property and employees safe and dry. So, it is essential to move your roof up your priority list.


As a commercial building owner, you need to get a leak fixed on your roof. Ensure you repair your roof as soon as possible if you notice any damage with it as it can land you in some problems. Here are some dangers of delay commercial roof repair or replacement in Ottawa.

Water Damage And Leaks Can Develop Undetected

An aging roof doesn’t have the same level of resistance and protection that it once had. Its shingles are probably losing granules from the surface and lead to damage and potential leaks. Falling limbs, hail, storm, rain, and other circumstances have harmful effects on your roof and can even result in leaks and water damage to your home. These leaks can quickly build and go unnoticed as leaks are not always visible. They can rot the root itself, reach your walls and ceilings cause leaks in the attic.

Structural Damage And Risk Of Roof Collapse

Apart from water damage to your business, the moisture and undetected leaks can also influence your home’s structural stability and even cause a roof collapse in the worst-case scenario. The water can reach the structural beams and force them all to decay. This serious structural issue can compromise even the best quality roofs and affects your house’s entire structural integrity.

Health Hazard For The Residents

An aging roof can pose health risk threats to your employees. The most severe and obvious health risk comes from the roof collapse, and even your workers can get injured if the failure happens while they are inside. Apart from this, leaks, water, and moisture are another issue that can lead to mold growth in your commercial property and can result in several health hazards, including skin irritations, sneezing, and respiratory problems.

Fire Hazard

Delaying in your commercial roof repair in Ottawa may also increase your building’s risk. As you know, the water can leak into your home’s walls and ceilings and lead to many issues. However, one of the riskiest issues happens when it reaches your electrical wiring. This situation can pose a risk of fire, which is always devastating and even life-threatening. So, it is essential to replace your aging roof on time for your property and your employees’ safety.

Reduced Your Home’s Resale Value

Another danger of delaying commercial roof repair or replacement in Ottawa is that it affects your home’s value whenever you want to sell it. Repairing and replacing your roof increases your home’s value by adding its curb appeal. Plus, it can increase your net worth if you are not planning on selling it.

The Financial Blow To Your Budget

Having an old roof that is already at the end of its useful life means you will experience new damages and issues every once in a while. When you delay a roof repair and replacement, it will prove to be a huge financial blow to your budget, and you can avoid this problem with a timely roof replacement.

The Bottom Line!

Overlooking your commercial roofing in Ottawa – especially if it is outdated – can be dangerous for your business property and employees’ safety. From structural damages to health hazards, an aging roof creates various serious issues. Plus, it affects you financially as commercial roof repairing can get some expensive each step of the way. So, don’t delay repairing and replacing your aging roof and contact a reputable roofing company and deal with it as soon as possible.

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