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Tips on Replacing your Roof this summer

Your roof is one of the most explicit features of your house that forms the general perception of your home. In addition to its aesthetic value, a damaged roof can result in the leaking of rainwater into your ceiling causing extensive damage to not only the ceiling drywalls but also the crown molding, walls, and electrical and plumbing installations that form part of the ceiling structure. It is therefore critical to replace your roof not only to get rid of the damages but also for a remodeling project.

To get started in replacing your roof, there are some highlights to note to guarantee a successful project.

When do you know it’s time to replace your Ottawa roof?

The initial sign that your roof requires a replacement is the general appearance. If your shingles are curled, cracked, or misshapen, this is a sign that you need to embark on a roof replacement project. If your roof is tiled, you should look out for cracked, broken, and missing tiles.

On the other hand, you can replace your flat concrete roof with a curved shingle or tile roof if you notice pools of water on its surface, blisters and cracks, water stains, molds, algae, and water stains among other signs.

Additionally, you can also opt to replace your roof when you want to remodel your home to fit your new taste and preference or to increase its resale value. For instance, if you want a minimalistic or modern styled family home with open spaces and sleek finishes, a flat concrete roof with a rooftop pool or a sitting area would epitomize your aspirations.

Getting a roof inspection

After you have had a roof inspection, it is always advisable to seek a second professional opinion by having an expert inspect your roof. This is a crucial step before a roof replacement and some pertinent issues that you may have missed will be brought into perspective. For instance, some details about workmanship, structural integrity, and interior inspection are usually underlying and hard to notice if you are not an experienced house builder.

While getting a roof inspective, you should balance between your budget and getting quality services. This entails a pre-inspection discussion with your builder on standards that should be met to warrant repairs, replacement, or roof refacing.

Hiring the right roofing contractor

Apart from experience, you should hire contractors who are bonded, licensed, insured, reviewed, and specializing in roofing as their main service. Once they meet all these standards, ensure that your contractor is willing to give you an estimate covering the scope of the project and that the price negotiations are comprehensive and all-inclusive. You don’t want to be asked to hire another party to clear your debris

Most importantly, the scope of your project should also be within the specialty of your roof replacement contractor. Hence, the builders should be able to carry out weatherproofing, insulation, ventilation, painting especially for the gutters and downpipes, staining and sealing the shingles, as well as roof cleaning to prep the roof surface a replacement works.

Types of roof designs to consider

Roof replacement should not be limited to just changing the materials, the project can also be extensive and transformative to overhaul the design of your home. Some of the designs that you can examine are the dormer, jerkinhead, gable, mansard, flat, gambrel, hip, among other designs.

Roofing results should be long-term

Conclusively, hiring the best contractor is key to having a roof replacement project that is long-lasting and transformative to your home. You should therefore settle for utmost professionalism and great workmanship.

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