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Tips to Repair Water Damage After Roof Leakage

If you are facing problems like water damage due to roof leakage, it will not only create spots on the walls and ceilings but mold and mildew as well. So, it is important to get the roof fixed as soon as possible. Find one of the best flat roofing contractors Ottawa has seen and get that damage fixed!


Sign of Leakage

You can make a dripping faucet wait but not a dripping roof. That is a completely different matter. In this case, the water drips down through the ceiling and makes its way to the material and insulation. So, you have to dry these materials to stop the growth of mildew and mold. You have to find the source of this leak and patch it up. If the leakage is caught quickly, this method will be enough to save the house.

Identify Mysterious Leaks

One of the main purposes of a roof is to prevent water leakage inside the house. So, have you failed to find out the source of leak? Also, how can you be so sure that the leakage is in roof? It can be due to the formation of condensation around ductwork and pipes.

How to rule out water pipe leakage? Turn off all the water meters and if the usage is still rising, it means that you have to shut the supply and contact a plumber!

There is a possibility that your attic is filled with humid air. This air may also be present between the interior and exterior walls. The problem begins when plumbing and ductwork transport cold air and water through the hot areas. It creates moisture which has to ultimately go somewhere. So, it combines with the metal areas in the house. To prevent the problem of moisture formation, regular insulation updates and energy audits are required.

Fixing Water Damage

  1. With a few fans and wet-dry vac, the water damage can be handled in case it was discovered at the earliest. In this situation, you can remove moisture from that area and dry the affected materials. Also, it is important to monitor those materials over time for any problem.

  2. Another reason for water damage is mold which is a colorful spot that usually spreads across the surface. Wet ceilings can change their color. So, it is advisable to wait for a week and paint the dry area with mold-resistant paint.

  3. Keep a check on the carpet as it can become a reason for water damage. If you cannot get a new carpet, at least remove the old one. In case mold starts to grow in the damaged carpet, it can lead to serious illness.

Stay on top of house maintenance and avoid water damage! Get in touch with Vertical Limit Roofing and make sure that you get the roof checked for any kind of leakage. It will not only protect the house but your loved ones as well. Our team of experts will not let you down. Give us a try!