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Top 7 Roofing Mistakes Many Homeowners Make

Your roof is not only one of the most visible parts of your home’s exterior but also functions as your essential barrier from all of the elements. This means your home stays more relaxed in the summer, warmer in the winter, and dries when it rains. A damaged roof can lead to frustrating issues and unwanted exposure to the weather. Thus, it is essential to always a qualified roofing company to take care of any necessary repairs as quickly as possible.

Here are some mistakes you should avoid when roof repair.

Covering Old Shingles Instead Of Replacing

Installing new shingles creates several places for moisture and dirt to collect, leading to deterioration and damage quicker than if the process is done right. Make sure the best roofer in Ottawa has removed all old roofing materials before installing a new one.

Reusing Old Flashing

If you want to stop moisture from leaking into your home at chimneys and roof valleys, the metal flashing is great for your roof. When hiring roof repair in Ottawa, Ontario, the best roofers in Ottawa choose to cut corners by reusing old flashing. While old flashing may appear to be in good condition, this could lead to potential issues. Talk to the best roofers in Ottawa about their plan for replacing the flashing on your roof to make sure your old flashing is replaced with new flashing that is less likely to wear down.

Improper Moisture Protection

While your shingles repel and divert water off of your roof, it is essential to have proper moisture protection installed underneath. This moisture can protect your decking from rain and from collecting moisture sources such as snow and ice. A high-quality moisture barrier is a must to have if you want to protect your roof against moisture. 

Improper Overhang

While the roof gives your home an aesthetic appeal, there is an excellent reason that your shingles overhang your house’s attic. If your roofing materials do not hang past the eaves, you risk wind damage, which can also blow wind underneath the edges of your shingles. Make sure your best roofers in Ottawa provide your attic the proper extend beyond. To protect from wind damage, use the correct number of fasteners per shingle.

Mismatched Slate Coloring

If you installed a slate instead of a shingled roof on your home, concern about how well the slate matches. Have your roofer inspect all slate before installing it onto your roof. Slate comes in different colors so ensure proper consistency of slate coloring when the slate is on the ground. 

Improper Ventilation

If you are thinking about roofing repairs and replacements, many homeowners don’t know about ventilation. An experienced roofer uses high-quality roofing material to ensure your roof is structurally perfect but properly vented. Not properly vented roof can lead to excess heat build-up and damaging moisture collection. 

Decking Issues

The decking on your roof lays the foundation for the shingles that are put upon it. Because o this, it is one of the most critical aspects of your home. You will want to make sure that your roofer inspects all decking to make sure that it is in proper shape and installed correctly. Furthermore, make sure moisture barriers, shingles, and other coverings are properly protected by elements such as moisture, rain, and snow. 

The Bottom Line!

Whether you are repairing a roof damaged in a recent storm, or just from normal wear and tear, the above mistakes can make or break the overall life of your roof. You can choose a local and reputable company for roof repair in Ottawa, Ontario so that you can avoid many of these common errors. 

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