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Ottawa Roofing Warranty

Ottawa roofing warranty

Workmanship Warranties protect consumers from mistakes made during the installation process. When you buy roofing from a professional contractor, you expect the job will be done correctly. At Vertical Limit Roofing we offer multiple levels of workmanship warranties to suit your needs.

Ottawa Roofing Warranty

The RCAC (Roofing Contractors Association of Canada) recommends that all roofing contractors offer a 2 year workmanship warranty on services provided. This has been the standard at Vertical Limit Roofing However, many contractors (similar to what happened with shingle manufacturers warranties) began to offer inflated workmanship warranties as a competitive advantage.

Ottawa Roofing Warranty

Vertical Limit Roofing is proud to offer 15 year workmanship guarantee on select roof installations. This is the longest and most extensive workmanship coverage you can find on the market today and it’s no coincidence that it’s backed by Vertical Limit Roofing. All 15 year registered workmanship warranties are inspected and certified by a third party to give you maximum peace of mind.

The key with any workmanship warranty is that they are only as strong as the history and structure of the contractor who offers them. It is the job of a salesman to earn your business, but it is the responsibility of the consumer to make sure promises are not empty. Many competitors offer warranties on their workmanship for longer than they have been in business and are nowhere to be found when problems do arise.

At Vertical Limit Roofing, our future is as reliable as our past. As one of Ottawa’s most experienced roofing contractors we assure you only the best service for your roof. The relationship between our customers does not end after the job is done. Our company structure ensures you are protected for the lifetime of your roof. A loyal and honest history provides our customers with the peace of mind that we will be here to service any and all Vertical Limit Roofs, To the end of their life expectancy.

If you have questions about the details of our workmanship warranty or about the existing coverage remaining on your Vertical Limit Roof, please contact us.


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