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Ottawa Snow and Ice Removal

ottawa-snow ice removalSnow and ice buildup are always the story of winter. You might think that it is a normal part of the weather but what you do not know is the potential damage it might be doing to your roof. If you are not seeking snow and ice removal services, you are risking your roof buckling under the weight of the heavy snow and ice. Thankfully, we have assembled a team of professionals who are well equipped with the necessary knowledge and tools to clean your roof safely and efficiently. It would help if you prepared for winter the right way, and if you need Snow and Ice Removal, Ottawa, ensure you contact us.

Top reasons why you should remove snow and ice

Snow and ice removal Ottawa can be a pain in the butt, especially if you opt to do it yourself. But when you work with the right service providers, the process is comfortable and secure, enabling you to preserve your home in the best condition possible. Removing snow and ice from your roof is vital for the following reasons:

Preventing ice dams during Ottawa winters

Have you ever noticed a ridge of ice that usually forms around the edge of your roof? Those are the ice dams, and their ground zero, in most cases, is typically the eavestrough where they build from. If you wonder how they form, the primary culprits are poor insulation or ventilation in the attic. The heat that escapes from the house through the attic makes the roofing material heat up, and consequently, it melts the snow on the roof. Unfortunately, it freezes when the water reaches the roof’s edge, where temperatures are significantly low. The melting and freezing are what cause the ice dam, and you eventually find water pools on your roof.
If you do not address the ice dams with snow and ice removal Ottawa, you might cause damage to shingles and eavestroughs. Considering ice is more potent than shingles, the sooner you have it removed, the better. It can even weigh up to five times heavier than snow, putting a lot of weight on your roof.

Preventing excess weight | Ottawa snow and ice removal

You might have a quality roof, and when you do, it might take a lot of abuse but not forever. Some things are too much to bear, and snow happens to be one of them. It is surprisingly heavy and totals several hundred pounds that could be sandwiched with ice, making it even more destructive. It is a heavy mixture that could cave in a portion of the roof, especially when there are weak spots.

Cold winters can create large dams of ice that travel up the roofs’ slopes. It causes a lot of damage, mainly when it stays cold for long periods or when the weather warms up. With Rest Assured Roofing, you can be sure you will get quality emergency rooftop snow removal to ensure that they are adequately protected and secured when winter comes knocking. Preferably, do not take snow and ice removal Ottawa into your own hands. It is much safer when you call a professional to offer a service that will suit your individual needs.

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