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Roof Sheathing

Are you taking care of your roofs properly? Perhaps you are considering all the elements important to your roof such as shingles, insulations, gutters, etc. But do you really know the most important element of your roof? It is its layer or sheathing. Yes, taking care of roof layers will not only give you a long lasting roof but also a safe foundation for you to live in. These layers are put underneath the top layers of the shingles to make it more strong and able to fight any uncertain circumstances. These layers of sheathings can either be opened having gaps between the boards or can even be closed one. It although depends upon the structural needs of your foundation, having these roof sheathing perfectly installed and maintained, will ensure you a secure foundation for the many years.

Roof sheathing-a method compliments the world perfectly

We provide you with an all-round roof sheathing to protect your foundation from any uncertain circumstance. With the help of advanced processes and techniques, we have set our procedure for providing you with the best service. The process is explained hereunder:

Step 1: Inspecting the sheathing requirements: In the first phase, our professional roofers will inspect all your roof sheathing requirements and make a checklist of all of them before proceeding to the further steps. Once the inspection gets completed, they will have discussions with you and suggest you with necessary things for the repair.

Step 2: Measuring: There comes the need for measurement. Our professionals measure the roofs from the peak as well as each rafter to get the exact lengths and quantity of the materials that are being used in the process.

Step 3: Cutting and shaping: After all the inspection and measurement gets over, we then move to cut and shape the rafter tail with a saw to ensure each part is of the same length.

Step 4: Positioning: While putting the oriented strand board or plywood sheathing on the rafter’s bottom edge in this step, we look for its alignment carefully. It should be aligned with the long edged rafter’s tails end and also the end should be opposite to the sheathing and roof which is centered on the rafter. It is a very important step as the entire roof sheathing process depends on this step only.

Step 5: Placement: The placement of the sheathing needs to be framed well. We take another piece of sheathing and place it next to the first one. It should be aligned with the rafter tail ends, allowing a gap of a 1/8-inch between the first and second sheet.

Step 6: Repeating: Then we repeat the process again from the opposite of the gable roof.

Step 7: Speculation: Once all the job is done, we again speculate the roof sheathing to ensure whether we have missed any part or not.

Why us

Having 20 years of experience in this field, we can assure you to have a safe and secure foundation along with warranties of our materials. Our professionals, with their vast knowledge about all the roofing related requirements for your foundation, are capable of accomplishing their job in the best and consistent ways. So, what is taking you back? Connect with us now before it turns too late.