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Tips on Dealing with Roof Repair in Ottawa

Tips on Dealing with Roof Repair in Ottawa

Your roof keeps you safe from harsh weather conditions, intruders, and falling debris. As such, going out of your way to protect it should only come naturally. All the same, dealing with a damaged roof can be draining. What’s worse, it is quite impossible to predict when the storm, accidents, and other harsh elements will strike. Most homeowners, therefore, rarely pay attention to the roof until it is too late and needs expensive repairs

Here are a few brilliant tips on handling roof repair in Ottawa;

Safety First

Can your structure support your weight? Are you flexible enough to keep balance when working on heights? Working on your roof predisposes you to potential dangers, including falls, which have recorded most fatalities in the construction industry. As such, be sure to wear proper clothing and non-slip footwear for extra grip to prevent dangerous falls. While aprons are mostly recommended for the operation, you can also dress in a long-sleeved shirt and long trousers. Also, ensure that your ladders are strong, not defective, and properly placed when working on your roof repair in Ottawa.

Handling a Leaking Roof

Roof leaks can cause serious damage to your property. If you notice wet patches extending across the ceiling then down the walls, a leaky roof is the main culprit. If left unattended, leaks can develop into bigger damages, including drywalls, damaged ceiling, and destroyed insulation. All the same, locating the source of the leak can be hectic as the moisture will move from the original point. If you have an attic, you can use a flashlight to locate the leak from there. If your roof is in great condition with one or two leaks, then repairing might the ideal choice. Else, do not spend too much time and resources repairing what ought to be replaced. If your roof is in great condition with one or two flashings, you can simply reseal using caulk chalk and roofing cement.

Always Use Matching Shingles

If your roof is over twenty years old, most shingles are probably damaged and need replacement. Suffice to say, you should find shingles that match the exact color, style, and brand of the existing ones. If they do not match, they will be noticeable from a distance, which might be less attractive. While replacing your shingles, carefully remove the impaired pieces, place a new underlayment then install the new shingles. At the head of each roofing, apply a roofing sealant and gently and firmly press down the shingle.

Be Careful Not to Leave Nails Exposed

It would be best if you used aluminum or galvanized steel nails during roof repairs in Ottawa, as they do not easily rust. All the same, ensure that all nails are safely secured underneath the shingles. Alternatively, you can apply generous amounts of caulk or roof adhesives on the nail heads.

You can Always Call for Help

Some roof damages can be fixed by a simple repair while others need replacement. To know exactly what course of action to take for a long lasting solution, you need the help of an experienced roofer. Calling a professional to inspect and find a lasting solution is much better than gambling with your safety. There are numerous licensed, bonded, and experienced roof maintenance companies at your disposal. The hack is to partner with a dependable roofing company, which can guarantee you quality and timely results. Be sure to through online reviews and customer testimonials on different contractors in Ottawa.

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